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What To Expect From A Windshield Repair Kit

by Katrina Morgan

A rock or other piece of debris may inadvertently strike your windshield, causing a chip or crack to form. If your windshield is currently cracked or chipped, you may be dreading the cost of a repair at a local automotive glass shop. However, you may be able to complete the repair on your own at home, using a cracked windshield repair kit.

Here is a bit of information about cracked windshield repair kits to help you determine whether or not they are suitable for your needs.

You'll Need to Perform the Kit Repair on a Dry Day

In order to avoid trapping moisture inside the repaired windshield surface, it is important to perform the repair on a dry day. If your windshield needs to be cleaned before the repair, don't use water. Instead, use a cleaning agent, such as acetone, which will not add moisture. 

The Size of Your Crack or Chip Matters

If your crack or chip has started to expand, a kit may not be suitable. A crack that is more than a few inches long may require a windshield replacement.

This is an important reason to repair your windshield damage immediately after it occurs. Weather changes can cause the glass to expand or contract, resulting in longer cracks and star formations. 

The Adhesive in the Kit May or May Not Require Mixing

Some kits include adhesive filler that does not require mixing. The solution is already in an applicator tube, premixed and ready-to-use. You simply add the nozzle and squeeze it into the crack or chip until it is filled. After the product cures, any area of the adhesive that is protruding from the windshield can be scraped away with a single swipe of a razor blade.

Kits that require mixing include the adhesive and hardener in separate containers. Once the hardener is added to the adhesive, the product can be applied to the windshield and allowed to cure before any excess is scraped away.

Temperature and Sunlight Affect Your Application

The adhesive of a windshield repair kit may cure more quickly when exposed to higher temperatures or sunlight. As a result, it may be best to apply the product in the shade and then move your vehicle into the sunlight to promote curing. 

If you have a cracked or chipped windshield, purchase a cracked windshield repair kit. The kit will likely only cost a fraction of the price of a professional repair.