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Here's Why You Should Tow Your Troubled Vehicle To The Repair Shop

by Katrina Morgan

Sure, you might think that since the vehicle is still technically running and legally able to be driven, that you can continue to drive it and take it to the repair shop when your appointment time comes around. However, this really is not a good idea in a lot of situations. It is often better to have a towing company take your vehicle to the mechanic's shop instead of you driving it there and here are some reasons why.

The Problem Could Get Worse The More You Drive

It might seem as though things are fine and not getting any worse while continuing to drive your vehicle, but you don't get to see what's happening under the car, under the hood, or within the tire system. The more the vehicle is driven, the worse the problem could become and then it might cost you a substantial amount more to get it properly fixed. Once you realize there is an issue with your vehicle, you should arrange to have it towed to the shop.

You Could Become Stranded Somewhere Unsafe

The more you drive your vehicle before the proper repairs are made, the more likely it is that you are going to end up stranded along the side of a busy, dangerous road such as an interstate or highway. You do not want that to happen because your vehicle could get hit by a passing vehicle. You would also have to sit there and wait a while before the tow truck is able to get to you, causing you to be late for your appointments or work. If you want to avoid incidents such as this, you will want to call and get the vehicle towed to the shop. Use another vehicle, such as a rental car, until yours is fixed.

Now that you have a better understanding of why it is usually better for you to call a towing company rather than drive the vehicle to the repair shop yourself, you will want to start researching the various towing companies in your area. Of course, there is a chance that your mechanic might have their own tow truck and they offer towing services to their shop for an additional fee, but it might be cheaper than a stand alone towing company. Call around to compare prices. And if you need the vehicle towed after normal business hours, you should consider looking for a 24 hour towing service.