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Make Your Monster Truck Easy To Access And Protect Items Being Transported

by Katrina Morgan

If you recently purchased a monster truck that you plan on driving to campgrounds, fishing holes, and to use as a recreational vehicle while on a mud bogging expedition, the following accessories will make your vehicle easy to access and will allow you to safely haul materials without any items becoming damaged due to inclement weather:

Retractable Steps 

Metal steps that retract can be installed on each side of your truck and will assist with entering and exiting your vehicle without needing to strain or lift your legs in an awkward manner. If you will be bringing a passenger along with you on a road trip and they aren't very tall, they won't have to worry about slipping when trying to hoist themselves up into your vehicle.

Truck steps are easy to clean and will prevent dirt from getting into your monster truck. If steps become caked with dirt, simply use a water hose to rinse the metal off and use soapy water and a sponge to eliminate hardened clumps of dirt that remain on the surface of each step.

Lockbox And Vinyl Fitted Cover

A lockbox can be secured to your vehicle's bed and can be used to hold automotive tools, spare tires, and motor oil. A box that requires a key or combination will prevent your possessions from being stolen when your vehicle is parked.

Many types of boxes are constructed of rust-proof metal and will provide an airtight seal so that none of your belongings are susceptible to water damage. If you are going to be hauling items inside of your truck that won't fit in the lockbox, place a vinyl fitted cover over the monster truck's bed to prevent items from getting lost and to protect them from moisture. 

All-Terrain Tires And Chains

If your truck does not already have all-terrain tires on it, now is a good time to invest in a new set of tires that are designed for all seasons. Tires with plenty of traction will prevent you from getting stuck in the mud and will assist with maintaining control of the road when you are driving.

If you decide to take your monster truck for a spin when snow or freezing rain is in the forecast, put tire chains on each tire to maintain traction while on the road and to minimize the chance of being involved in an accident. Contact an automotive accessory service for more information.