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Answering a Few Basic Auto Body Repair Concerns

by Katrina Morgan

Auto body damage can be a potentially serious issue that car owners will find themselves needing to address. While the task of repairing your car's auto body damage can be somewhat intimidating, being informed about this repair process can drastically reduce the difficulties that you might encounter as you look to have your car repaired.

What If You Want to Use a Repair Service That Is Not on Your Insurance Company's List of Recommended Providers?

It is a fairly common practice for insurance companies to provide individuals with a list of repair providers who have preferred status. Unfortunately, this will often mislead individuals into assuming that they can only opt for one of the repair providers that is listed. Yet, it is a reality that individuals will have the right to choose any licensed repair service to restore their vehicles. As a result, you will be able to choose repair providers who are not on the insurance carrier's list of preferred repair services without fear of retaliation or other actions from the insurance company.

Will You Have to Be Without a Vehicle During the Course of Your Repairs?

It is a common situation for individuals to avoid having auto body repair work done as they may fear being without their vehicle for the course of this work. However, there are many auto body repair services that will offer their clients the use of rental vehicles for the duration of their repairs. This can be invaluable for those who are needing to have repairs made to their vehicle but are unable to be without a vehicle for multiple days. In addition to many repair providers offering this service, it is common for insurance policies to also cover rental vehicles for the duration of repairs. If your insurance policy does not currently offer this type of coverage, you might want to upgrade your policy so that you can enjoy this benefit if your vehicle requires major repairs in the future.

Are There Options for Individuals Who Lack Insurance Coverage for Their Repairs?

Due to the sizable costs that may be involved with having auto body damages repaired, it is common for individuals to use their insurance to pay for these repairs. However, many individuals will only have liability coverage, which will not pay for repairs to their own vehicles. Luckily, many repair providers can partner with financing services to help their clients finance these repairs on credit. However, individuals will likely find that they are subject to credit review and approval before they will be approved.

​Consult with a collision repair shop to see the services and benefits available to you as you look for auto body work.